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SMEIPO India is a place where we all strive for success —

SMEIPO India is a community where individuals work towards success collectively. This organization fosters a culture of collaboration and cooperation. Members of SMEIPO India are committed to achieving their goals as a team, rather than individually. Through a shared vision and a common purpose, We strive for success together. This environment cultivates a supportive and encouraging community where everyone's contributions are valued. SMEIPO India believes that success is not only achievable through hard work and dedication but also through the power of collaboration. By working together, members of SMEIPO India has accomplished more than they ever could on their own.

Our Culture


Teamwork is essential for achieving success in any organization or project.


Our Team Members Complete tasks and meet deadlines within the appropriate timeframe.

Increased Visibility


Effective communication is key to success and we value the same in our team.

Liquidity for Founders


We have a dedicated and experience team in place to do all tasks.

Attracting Talent

Meet the team

Learn about the people behind a success of SMEIPO in India

Dinesh Gupta

Co-founder and COO

Santosh Singh

Co-founder and CTO

Umesh Paliwal

Co-founder and CFO

Utkarsh Chauhan

Marketing Lead

Gurmeet Singh

Customer Lead Manager

Deepa Rawat

Customer Lead Manager

Mehak Kashyap

Customer Lead Manager

Vinod Kumar

Lead Accountant

Pawan Shakya

Customer Success Manager

Bhavya Singh

Design Lead

Vivek Rathore

Delivery Manager

Navin Mishra

Customer Success Manager

Nitin Gupta

Operations Manager

Prakash Gupta

Research Analyst

Sudhanshu Kumar

Customer Success Manager

Nisha Choudhary

Customer Success Manager


Research Analyst

Ashwani Singh

Research Analyst

Perks and Benefits

Joining SMEIPO India can provide perks and benefits, such as healthcare, retirement plans,
professional development, networking, and work-life balance.

Time flexibility

Work from anywhere

Professional development